Changes to April Tournament with Version 1.0.5!

Good day, explorers! We’ve been listening to all kinds of user feedback about the Evolution ranking system, and as mentioned in our recent patch notes, we’ve made some changes to the rankings, how they’re displayed, and how you’re rewarded for gaining them. As you may already know, global ranks reset each month, encouraging players to stay engaged and defend their titles. With the beginning of the April tournament season, the existing tiers have changed to a slightly more streamlined system, an

RURO Set to Release LimitLIS® 4.0 – RURO, Inc

RURO, Inc., an industry-leading lab software provider, announced the pending release of LimitLIS® 4.0, the latest version of its rapidly growing cloud-based laboratory information system. With the success of the streamlined version for toxicology labs, LimitLIS® Toxicology Edition, as well as the company’s triple digit growth throughout 2018, the RURO team has been hard at work expanding LimitLIS® and bettering its performance. LimitLIS® 4.0 features all the helpful enhancements that were in

Study Manager – RURO, Inc

Study Manager™ is a cloud-based, innovative solution that delivers clinical and pre-clinical trial design, specimen collections, and assay planning while monitoring patient consent and enrollment. Deployed as a single system accessible from any number of sites, CROs, or central labs, it tracks your clinical trial specimens while annotating them with clinical observations. As the pressure on the industry to bring treatments to market and reduce clinical trial costs grows, researchers struggle to

Six Problems Your Toxicology Lab May Be Facing (And How to Solve Them) – RURO, Inc

Often, the most challenging part of running a clinical toxicology lab has nothing to do with testing itself. Between daily operations, client management, changing reimbursements, and the constant threat of inspection, many toxicology labs are finding the logistics of day-to-day lab management difficult to keep up with. Though a lab and its staff might be well-prepared to run accurate tests, it’s impossible to run a successful lab without also being able to manage internal processes and customer

Sexualized Saturdays: Droids and Gender in Star Wars

In the eternal quest to anthropomorphize everything, I think it’s pretty normal to occasionally look at generally featureless objects and idly wonder if they have a gender. After all, gender is typically a pretty significant part of identity for humans, and part of being human is to project humanity onto non-human things. Of course, most people can easily recognize that in reality, gender (as it exists separate from biological sex) is a uniquely human concept that can be applied to animals only

Mediocre! Why You Should Not Bother with the Mad Max: Fury Road Comics

Like pretty much everyone else on the planet, I have been obsessed with Mad Max: Fury Road for the last few months. I’ve seen it three times so far, and since the original Mad Max film was pretty underwhelming by comparison, I’ve been digging about the internet for fuel to feed the fire of my obsession. Naturally, I was pumped to learn that Vertigo is publishing a series of tie-in comics, so I rode forth to purchase them last week with a furious fixation. Unfortunately, much like the four puny c